With my paintings, I hope to awaken a curiosity for other people, calmly and without drama. I wish to invite people to reflect over the space in other people’s minds without giving them any answers about its content. Like a reminder never to judge others too quickly, or preferably not at all, since we never really know another person’s images and references.

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I have a complicated relationship with my home country Sweden. It’s the land of my blood and my history, and the place where my family and most of my friends live. But it’s not where I’d prefer to live. My heart is lighter and I feel more free in another place: France.

Trees have come to symbolise this battle inside me. The county of Värmland, where I was born, is full of thick, dark forests. The forest can be a place of healing, sure – I enjoy the calmness and the smells – but this is often contradicted in some way. I feel safe there, but lonely. Strong, but vulnerable. Free to breathe, and yet suffocating from isolation.

This contradiction is what I want to express in my mixed media pictures of trees. Express it so that I can touch it and deal with it. And maybe finally find sanctuary in the forest.

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Abstract drawings

I started making abstract charcoal drawings when I felt the need to break my gesture free. I quickly felt a kind of lightness in my mind as a result of these spontaneous and instinctive moves, a lightness that was very addictive. Working in this way, I can express feelings and impressions without judgement. I can look at them and feel them without being distracted by any objects or surroundings.

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Abstract paintings

I make abstract paintings in the same state of mind as abstract drawings. It is a challenge for me, since I find it more difficult to carry the spontaneous and bald gesture through the process of a painting. I often have to remind myself to be more radical and more sensitive to where the gestures take me. But once in the bubble, where my brushes, knives, fingers, or whatever I am using, are floating over the canvas or paper with a life of their own – well, that’s where I find the very essence of my being. Suddenly, everything is… well, worth it.

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